Bass, Pike, Perch, and Others: the Classic Reference Guide to Eastern North American Game Fish

By James A. Henshall

As part of the American Sportman’s Library, this handbook was set apart as an important text on sporting subjects from an American perspective, provided here by Dr. James A. Henshall, who spent decades studying fish & fishing. B/W illus; 432 pgs.


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Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 02/06/2014

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First published in 1903, Bass, Pike, Perch, and Others remains a reliable resource for fishing enthusiasts in North America. Henshall, called both the “Apostle of the Black Bass” and the “Dean of American Anglers,” is one of the most important conservationists and fish culturists in our nation’s history, best known for originating bass fishing. Here, Henshall provides information on all the game fish families of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, including:

• Sunfish
• Bass
• Perch
• Grayling
• Drum
• Minnow
• Catfish
• Grouper
• Cavalla
• Grunt

This guide, complete with the original black-and-white illustrations and personal anecdotes from Henshall, is a must-have classic for any serious angler.

About the Author:
James A. Henshall
, known as the “Apostle of the Black Bass,” was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1836 and died in 1925. He held the offices of president of the Ohio State Game and Fish Commission, president of the American Fisheries Society, and honorary president of the Izaak Walton League of America. Previous books include Book of the Black Bass, Favorite Fish and Fishing, and More About the Bass.

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