Bass Forever

By Glen Lau

Glen tells the story of his life & the story of how big bass live, feed, & procreate. Argues that good anglers are made, not born, & explains how to find big bass, how to fish for them, & ultimately how to be a successful big bass angler. 80 color photos; 7x10 inches, 176 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-9845771-8-1

EAN: 0-9845771-8-1

Binding: Hardcover

Publish Date: 30/11/2010

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Glen Lau is a name that needs no introduction to bass anglers. An angler of note, fishing guide, maker of such iconic films as Bigmouth and Bigmouth Forever, and the producer of notable television shows as The Fisherman, Sports Afield, and The Outdoorsman, Glen has become one of the most knowledgeable bass anglers in the world.

Written with the help of his friend Ken Duke--executive editor of Bassmaster publications--and with an introduction by Homer Circle. Glen gives freely from his 50+ years of experience with only the largest bass, and how big bass are affected by the weather and moon, the seasons, water temperature, and numerous other factors. He delves into detail on the kind of lures that are effective for the biggest bass, how to fish them properly, and how a bass' senses work and how it effects lure presentation.

But there is so much more. You learn how he tried (and almost succeeded) in raising a world-record bass and what it taught him about how huge bass act and how selective breeding can build stronger and heavier fish. You'll discover Glen's tips on the importance of casting, boat position, effective anchoring, learning from your mistakes, and persistence.

Along the way, you'll learn many fascinating things about Glen's life. About how he taught himself to be an underwater camera man and then became so proficient his photos graced the covers of hundreds of magazines. You'll be amazed at how he caught a potential world-record bass through his underwater camera lens in California. You'll read his anecdotes about many of the largest bass caught during his lifetime, and his successful foray into the tackle business with the patented Lau Lure. You'll discover the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of his films Bigmouth, one of the most decorated movies in outdoor history, and Bigmouth Forever, a movie that Ray Scott, founder of B.A.S.S., has called “the best film ever made about anything.” And you'll learn of his four-decade friendship with the most iconic angler of the second half of the twentieth century, the legendary Homer Circle.

The book includes over 80 stunning full color underwater photos from Glen's extensive photo library, showing big bass at all stages of development, at rest, mating, and feeding.

Bass Forever is not just a catchy title, it is a fitting description of one man and his life-long passion for big bass.


"Before you start reading this book go get yourself a big glass of your favorite beverage and something to snack on because once you begin reading…you will not want to put it down…In Bass Forever, one man’s passion of largemouth bass turns into his destination. It’s through this book that Glen Lau takes us through his life as he experiences the challenges of showing how bass live and survive. The book is both educational and entertaining." -- Brad Wiegmann, Outdoor Writer

"What Lau reveals is of great relevance to anyone who fishes for predators…should be essential reading for anyone starting out and more than a few 'experienced' anglers…it will certainly help you to think far more deeply about your fishing, whatever you want to catch." -- Keith Elliot, Editor, Classic Angling Magazine (March/April 2011)

"Lau’s life story detailing the filming and other events can be found in a new book, Bass Forever, written with the assistance of Ken Duke, a senior editor of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society. Lau…reveals how bass react to moon phases, cold fronts and other natural occurrences and that information will surely be of value to anglers who pursue the largemouth bass. I heartily recommend this book not only for its entertainment value, but for the knowledge it contains…" -- Bill Baab, The Augusta Chronicle

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