Bamboo Heresies: the Writings of Ralph W. Moon

By Ralph W. Moon

Master rodmaker Moon's distinctive voice can be found on every page of this book, with folksy commentaries & quips. A wonderful primer on all aspects of bamboo rodmaking & fishing bamboo for all readers. Edit & intro by Gregory Shockley; 25 B&W illus; 5x7 inches, 238 pgs.


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ISBN: 1-936702-19-3

EAN: 978-1-936702-19-0

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 30/11/2011

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One of the most beloved, and learned, men in the modern history of rodmaking was Ralph W. Moon. Having spent over a half century at the rod bench, from the 1970s onward Ralph mentored dozens of beginning rodmakers, teaching classes on the art at colleges, fly clubs, and FFF conclaves around the Pacific Northwest.

Gregory Shockley--a noted rodmaker who learned the trade from Ralph Moon--has compiled and edited a selection of Ralph's writings sure to please everyone from beginning builders to seasoned veterans. They clearly reveal Ralph's towering intellect and excellent command of the language (many people don't know he was once a college English instructor).

Included in the book are Ralph's thoughts on classic fly rods, his life-long passion for bamboo, and even scholarly articles on the origins of the word "Caddis" and a history of an early Western fly angler, Wilford Woodruff. Of lasting value is his chapter on Spiral Bamboo Fly Rods (Ralph being one of the few to actually build spirals) and the most exhaustive analysis heretofore published on the historical development, ergonomic science behind, and modern development of fly rod grips.

But perhaps the most delightful selection is what he called his Bamboo Heresies, writing on all aspects of rod building he often related on-line and in emails. Having intended to collect these into a book, his untimely passing earlier this year precluded this until Gregory Shockley dedicated his time and effort to go through the huge piles of Ralph's paper and correspondence to collect a selection of Ralph's quotations sure to make everyone smile.

Gregory Shockley contributed a heartfelt introduction summing up his two decades of experiences with this kind and gentle soul. Noted authors Buck Goodrich and Jon Lyman also contributed remembrances of Ralph that help to document his wide influence in the fly fishing world.

This is the third volume in the Fly Angler's Desktop Library.

About The Fly Angler's Desktop Library:
Fly Angler's Desktop Library is a return to the Golden Age of Books, when bigger was not necessarily better. It was a time when publishers like Borzoi Books lovingly crafted beautiful, compact volumes. Now, we can recapture the classic look and feel of these wonderful books in a new series dedicated to bringing out long forgotten treatises as well as new, original works on the art and beauty of fly angling. At a compact 4.5" x 6.875" size, these books are designed to be proudly displayed on the desktop, just like in the olden days. With learned and interesting introductions and appendices of additional materials, you won't want to miss any of these little gems. Color coded hardcovers by subject. Red for rod making, fly tying and fly tackle; Blue for general fly angling; Green for history and biography.

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