Tenkara Then and Now

Tenkara has grown and matured over the past ten years in the United States. It started commercially as a small start-up, Tenkara USA, founded by Daniel Galhardo. Since then many more fly fishers have adopted this type of fly fishing and the selection of Tenkara rods, lines and accessories have expanded substantially. Listen in to hear Morgan Lyle catch us up on what's happened and share his secrets on how to catch more fish using Tenkara methods. In this podcast, you'll learn...

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Golden Mahseer in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Myanmar

My interview with Misty Dhillon was very interesting. It turns out fly fishing for Golden Mahseer is an adventure - not just the average fishing trip. Most fishing is done today in India, Nepal and Bhutan. Yes just getting to this part of the world is an adventure and once you're there you'll be floating jungle rivers to get to where the Golden Mahseer swim. Most of the presentations are with sinking tip lines stripping large streamers. These fish are very wary and not easily approached but when they take they do so without hesitation.

Learn more about fly fishing for Golden Mahseer by listening to the Golden Mahseer podcast.

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