Art of Spey Casting Pal Pal Pal

By Jeffrey Pill

Learn the basic and advanced Spey Casting techniques for both Single and Two-Handed Rods. Watch and learn as 17 of the world's best casters share their styles and skills through multi-camera coverage of easy-to-follow demonstrations on rivers in actual fishing situations. Chapters include: 13 detailed demonstratons of spey casting techiques; and 6 Bonus Chapters that include an interview with Mel Krieger; a fun look behind-the-scenes; a casting competition; and interviews with manufacturers/sponsors involved in the production. DVD, 3 hours 30 min.


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One very important point to remember is that spey casting is a style of casting utilized by both single- and double-handed rod casters. There are a growing number of people today who fish in rivers throughout the east & west (Montana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maine, Oregon, Florida, Colorado, California, etc.) who no longer use the standard roll cast. Instead they use spey techniques that allow for powerful casts when there is no room for a normal backcast. In fact, many people today are not using a normal backcast ever (even if they have room) because spey techniques have proven so effective. There's lots here for the beginner and those who already love either or both of these casting elements and want to learn advanced techniques and styles. What sets this DVD apart from all other "Spey" videos out there, is the truly professional composition, editing, and camerawork--and the fact that it was done out of a love for the sport, with several demonstrators dontating their time. Sequences shot at the beautiful Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club in San Francisco and on rivers around the world.

NARRATOR: Lani Waller

INTRODUCTION: Simon Gawesworth

"This DVD shows the most comprehensive gathering of expert single- and two-handed rod casters/instructors I've ever seen in my life. What a great way to watch and learn the amazing variety of spey casting methods."
--Steve Rajeff, World Casting Champion

"Lessons from 17 speymasters shot from four angles and edited to a farthing . . . dedicated to the idea you can do this with a single or two-handed rod . . . on a DVD you can navigate at lightspeed. I started The Art of Spey Casting with a 'maybe someday' attitude. An hour in I was imagining D-loops, anchoring line -- and from the couch, throwing casts off the deck into a run on the Nooksak where a high bank at my back has always frustrated me.
--Seth Norman, Reviewer
"Fly Rod & Reel" Magazine, "California Fly Fisher" Magazine

"This DVD shows most of the best casters in the world demonstating, clearly and simply, how to make a variety of spey casts that will greatly improve your fishing."
--Simon Gawesworth, Spey Expert

"...countless little casting and fishing tips and nuggets from all the presenters--pearls of wisdom that any caster or instructor, at any level, can benefit from."
--Way Yin, Pro Staff

Goran Andersson - Sweden
Al Buhr - USA
Steve Choate - USA
Bill Drury - Scotland
Simon Gawesworth - England/USA
Ian Gordon - Scotland
Dennis Grant - Canada
John and Amy Hazel - USA
Chris King - USA
Andy Murray - England
Nobuo Nodero - Japan
Hiroshi Okada - Japan
Steve Rajeff - USA
Takashi Shimosawa - Japan
Knut Syrstad - Norway
Trond Syrstad - Norway
Way Yin - USA

Each demonstration focuses on what the presenter thinks are 2 or 3 key aspects of spey casting -- many different aspects of spey casting are shown & discussed. A number of demonstrators concentrate on how effective spey casting techniques are with single-handed rods & how easy & simple they are to learn. In addition to videotaping every demonstration with 4 cameras, each demonstrator was interviewed individually & asked about their opinions about why spey casting is becoming more popular around the world, why spey casting is useful for both single-handed and double-handed rods, how & why they got started spey casting & fishing, etc.


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