Angling Life: a Fisherman Reflects on Success, Failure, and the Ultimate Catch

By Captain Dan Keating

The places, life experiences & angling similes Dan uses in this book bring home the reality of his testimony. Exciting stories played out on the panorama of the outdoors & a very personal account of one man's search for the ultimate meaning of life. 192 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-9774273-3-1

EAN: 978-0-9774273-3-8

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 30/06/2011

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In an average year roughly 30 million men will go fishing. In this exciting, fast moving book readers are invited to journey alongside Captain Dan Keating as he travels around the world and back in time to discover that the ultimate catch is closer than we realize. The book weaves Dan's wild fishing experiences and stormy life with Peter's encounter with Jesus on the Sea of Galilee. Through Dan s personal story of wondering, wandering and seven miraculous life rings thrown to him by the hand of God, the writer invites readers to explore life s greatest treasure.

"Is this book about fishing? Definitely, but you're not going to find much 'how-to' that will help catch more fish. What you will find, as you read, is the natural connection that anglers have to something bigger."
Dave Mull, Editor Great Lake's Angler Magazine

"The well-told stories in Angling Life are not only exciting and enjoyable, they will guide you to some life-changing insights that are uniquely fitting for all who love to fish. Captain Dan Keating expertly connects his wide range of fishing experiences to the rest of life. You'll be both a better angler and a better person as a result of this book."
Steve Chapman
Best-selling author of A Look at Life From a Deer Stand

"I am not an avid fisherman, but this book could draw me to consider the hobby. Dan Keating mixes stories of big waves and fish with the biggest story of all, God's love shown in the life of Jesus Christ. Fishermen were drawn to Jesus. In this book, you'll see why."
Dr. Lon Allison
Executive Director, Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College

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