Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing! - Top Tactics for Top Locations

By Larry Larsen

A where-to/how-to book designed to help the reader catch more peacock bass everywhere! First-person anecdotes provide novice & experienced peacock bass anglers with interesting hard-to-believe actual experiences of catching Amazon "teeners." B&W photos, maps, appendix; 5x8 inches, 192 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-936513-53-5

EAN: 978-0-936513-53-9

Binding: Softcover

Publish Date: 31/12/2003

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Book 4 in the Series.

The 4-volume Peacock Bass Library is a wealth of information that any traveling angler should enjoy. There's lots of information for sportsmen who may be planning to visit an exotic destination in search of any type of outdoor activity.

The focus of this book, Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing is the Amazon River. Outlines many of the most productive & enjoyable destinations in South America which consistently produced large numbers of peacock bass as well as peacock bass over 10 pounds.

* Readers will learn about the differences in the tributaries, why some are much better than others for peacock bass fishing, and even some facts about the flora and fauna in the Basin.

* Each chapter is based on a specific experience and tactics at a location in the Basin or the Operation that handled the trip.

* Readers will learn tactics for "fry balls", "piranha bursts", post-rain, shallow and clear waters, "dolphin encounters", large lagoons, sandbar drops, walk-ins, "teener" schoolers, sight fishing, laydowns, storms, channels, irregular shorelines, topwater trolling, mid-lagoon haunts, "team" fishing, river bars and pools, "fly-outs" and flood stage waters.

* Readers will also learn about lure modifications, lure cadence and rhythm to make them the most effective.

* Information is included on the top bait colors and patterns, size selection of the lures, and many other tackle tips to increase reader productivity on their next trip to any peacock bass location.

* Many detailed illustrations and numerous photos highlight the most productive patterns.

* Several Appendices include a World Peacock Bass Directory Contact List, courtesy of the Peacock Bass Association, which identifies most all of the world's major agents, operators and outfitters of peacock bass trips and the major product manufacturers and services that cater to avid peacock bass anglers.

1. Floatplane Jungle Bass On The Cuiuni
Giant Rainforest Peacocks Swim Near The Floating Cabin Barges!
Fry "Balls" & Piranha Bursts
Conquering The Cuiuni Lagoons
Post-Rain Maneuvers and Tactics
Striking Reasons In Shallow Waters
The Mark of A Great Guide
Prime Timing, Options and Information

2. Rio Araca "Big Fish" Fly-Outs
Fly-Outs, A/C Lodge Comfort and Ever-Changing Action
Last Dance, Last Strike
Big Fish Week
Araca Lodge Life
Outposts Postings & Furnished Tackle
Clear Water Observatories

3. Passing Pasimoni's 3-Bar Exam
Giant Peacocks Test Angler Skills In Remote Venezuelan Lagoons!
Dolphin Pretender's Power Drives
Return To The Paciba's "Lago Larry"
Alternating Rivers & Camp Comforts
Pasimoni's Freight Train #39
Timing The Water Levels & Weather
Luxury Memories & Length Boat Time

4. Teeners Galore On The Upper Unini
Giant Peacock Bass "Teams" Race For Your Topwater Plug!
30 pounds On One Cast/One Plug
Chopper Classes
Can't Keep Out Lunker Hunters
Who's Counting Or Even Catching Pequenos
Productive Preto and Unini Rivers
Houseboat Operation & Organization

5. Black Water Challenge On The Xeriuini
Fiery Peacock Action Surrounds The Macaroca and Pacao Lodges!
Lunch Time Is Time For Schoolers
Good Water And Wet Skies
Roraima State's Isolated Waters
Teeners, Numbers And A Monster Or Two
Variety of Catches and Sightings
Comfortable, Classy Lodging

6. Sweet Spots On The Rio Negro
First Class Accommodations and Giant Peacock Bass Action!
Doubling Up On The Giant River
Cutting Through The Jungle
Storming Giants And Laydowns
Sizeable Season Stats
Luxury Lodge And Boats
Amazon Tour Community Access

7. Beautiful Mountain Peacock!
Wild Waters At Belo Monte Lodge Offer Unique Peacock Species
Channeling The Peacock Fishing
The Scenic Frecks and 10-Bars
Vigorous Variety Values
Irregular Shoreline/Active Peacocks
Experienced Summer Angling
Hilltop Perch With Beautiful View

8. Uproar On The Unini River
Giant Peacocks May Yank You Out Of The Boat!
Rod Overboard Action And Reaction
Trolling Topwaters For Giants
Locating A Monstrous Blackwater "Double"
Fishing Tactics For Bubbles And Mid-Lake Haunts
Lure Choice And Productive Modification
On The Move Camping And Scenery

9. Victorious Voyage Up The Negro
Cruise And Fish The Big Black River In Luxury
Landing Giants And "Early-Releasing" Them
Brushy Mid-Lake Monsters Turn Quick
Balls of Fry Tactics
Last Shot at Sundown
Very Comfortable Night Movements

10. Nexus Exploration Of The Unknown Nhamunda
Small Jon Boats Put Anglers Where Jungle Peacock Are Hiding
A Slithering Strike From Overgrown Shoreline
The Personal Approach To Remote Waters
Coming Back From Rejection
Prime Time For 10-Pounders
Comfort At The Edge Of The Third World

11. The Agua Boa's Three-Bar Jackpot
Brazilian Bonanza Offers Peacock Bass and Larger Catches!
Team Approach & Sight Fishing Giant Peacock
Walk-In Lakes Part Of The Topography
River Bars And Pools Strategy
Diving Baits For Small Lakes
Grand Slam Of Peacocks & Others
Unusual Sights For "Crocodile Larry"

12. Amazon's Isolated Xeriuini River Monsters
1,600,000 Areas Of High-Water Biting Peacocks!
Ninety Lagoons Including The Cemetery
Wild "Wood" Lake Giants
Timing The Quick Releases
Trophy Tackle Preparation
Lodging Life And Logistics

13. Santana Status On The Madeira
A Captivating Yacht Cruise and Big Catches
High Numbers With Small Lure Tactics
Failed Feeding Fish Approach
Isolation Strategy Equals Big Fish
Comfortable Boats And Knowledgeable Guides
First Class Accommodations/Service

14. the Peacock Bass Association
Just When You Thought Books Were Enough!
World Peacock Bass Directory
"The World of Peacock Bass" Newsletter/eZine
Other Membership Benefits


Larry Larsen
, is the most traveled writer/angler to the Amazon in search of peacock bass, and this is his 4th book in the series on the world's most exciting fish. Over a period of 72 week long trips to South America, he has released 1,650 peacock, weighing over 10 pounds, including 480 "teeners" (13 pounds or heavier) and 17 over 20 pounds! An 8-time World Record Holder, Larsen, a 1999 "Legendary Angler" Inductee in the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, has written over 2,000 magazine articles and authored 20 books on bass fishing.

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