Adirondack Flies Volume 1

By J.P. Ross

Contains over 40 unique & classic Adirondack Flies. Each fly has a full-color photo & description. A great gift & a great book to just sit down with on a rainy day. Full color; 5x9 inches, 91 pgs.


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ISBN: 0-578-05502-3

EAN: 978-0-578-05502-2

Binding: Spiral-Softcover

Publish Date: 31/10/2010

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I have owned and operated a fly shop and fly rod company for over 10 years, and fished for at least twice that amount of time. In that time I have caught many fish, but there are many things I have not done. I have never caught a brown trout in my home waters over 20 inches, I have not caught a brook trout in the Adirondacks over 2 pounds, and I have never considered myself to be a terribly good fly tier.

I have however always enjoyed tying flies, and I more often than not prefer fishing with close friends than fishing alone. Because of my experience owning and operating JP Ross Fly Rods for many years, I have built up an excitement working with different materials. It is because of this excitement and so called understanding of materials that I truly enjoy making flies.

This book is intended to do a number of things. It is to inspire others, especially children, to fly fish and create flies. It is to entertain, and bring some awareness to the great fishing in the Adirondacks, and promote preservation of that ecosystem so that the fishing remains great for years to come.

Any experienced fly tier will look at these photos and notice heads that are not tied perfectly, hairs that are out of place or not trimed, and proportions that are not perfect or “by the book.” This was done intentionally. I will never tie the perfect fly, and there are many fly tiers who also tie their heads too big, or tails too long, but those flies still catch fish, and entertain the fly tier. In the end, that’s all that matters to me.

Here is an example of the photography and stories in this book. The book is over 90 pages and is full color with spiral binding so the book will lay flat on your fly tying desk.

Peacock & Teal Wet:

I remember the Sunday that I tied this fly. I tied it on my favorite hook, the TMC 200R. I prefer this hook for all my wet flies and my streamers because of the slight bend to the hook and also the straight eye. I just finished reading Favorite Flies and their Histories by Mary Orvis Marbury, and I realized that I did not have a feather wing wet fly in my arsenal. I had no reason to tie this fly other than for looks, but later found that it worked very well on the West Canada Creek Trophy Section; especially in the hole just below Cincinnati Creek Junction.

This fly is tied with teal feathers and a peacock underbody. I believe that striped materials accentuate movement. Perhaps that is why a dry fly tied with grizzly hackle or a wet fly palmered with a grizzly hackle tends to look blurry. With this in mind I chose the teal flank feather for the wing on this fly. I also like how the teal barbules have a slight curve to them, similar to the Tiemco 200R hook. You will also notice the hot orange band on the head of this fly. This added color helps you track the fly in tea stained water and also is reminiscent of the old streamers tied by Carry Stevens in Rangley Maine.

This book is full color and contains over 40 unique and classic Adirondack Flies. A great gift and a great book to just sit down with on a rainy day.

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