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  • Angling Approaches for Streams

    Learn from Jason Borger techniques for getting to those hard to reach fish and tips on making those perfect casts. He will focus specifically on mending, approach and presentation, and ways to fish the fly to both trout and smallmouth bass.

  • Fly Fishing the Gunnison River

    Jason Booth has guided over 6,000 fly fishers down the Gunnison River over the past 23 years so he knows this river like the back of his hand, maybe better. Join us to learn about the secrets of the Gunnison River in Colorado - where to go and how to fish it.

  • Addicted To The Rise

    Nate Brumley has never sunk a nymph or fished a streamer. He has over 50 years’ experience fishing a dry fly exclusively. If you want to learn about fishing dry flies and tying them join us and help pick his brain. I'm sure there are many secrets to be uncovered.

  • Wet Flies

    Dave Hughes guides us through wet flies covering soft-Hackles, flymphs, winged wets and all-fur wet flies. Learn Dave's secrets to tying and fishing these misunderstood gems.

  • Fly Fishing Alberta's Famous Bow River

    Learn from famed angler Jim McLennan, one of the first guides on the Bow and Editor At Large for Fly Fisherman magazine, what makes this river tick. He literally wrote the book - "Blue Ribbon Bow"- on the river which has served as a resource for many in successfully dealing with the complexities of this famed stream.

  • Fly Fishing Houston & Southeastern Texas

    Robert McConnell started fly fishing in Western Pennsylvania and later moved to Houston, Texas. He had to adapt and learn about fishing a whole new world from the city waterways to backcountry rivers and streams. Join us to learn about fishing warmwater species in southeast Texas including carp, spotted bass, largemouth bass, panfish and even prehistoric gar and bowfin.

    Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

    • What are the main areas to fish in the Houston area?
    • How can you find out about public access?
    • What species can you target Lake Conroe?
    • What are the best ways to fish Lake Conroe?
    • Is the West Fork San Jacinto River easy to wade fish?
    • What species will you find in the West Fork San Jacinto River?
    • How is the East Fork San Jacinto River different from the West Fork?
    • Where is the best place to fish for carp?
    • What type of flies do you use in most of these fisheries?
    • Where do you go to get away from the crowds?
    • What's the best way to fish Sheldon Lake?
    • Which fisheries offer the best gar and bowfin fishing?
    • What type of fishery is Brays Bayou?
    • Is there good fishing in downtown Houston?

  • The Brown Trout-Atlantic Salmon Nexus

    Veteran author, guide, adventurist and chef; Matthew Supinski shares with us the brown trout/Atlantic salmon lineage and the two species remarkable adaptability and resilience. He highlights fly fishing tactics, fly patterns, artistic appreciation, and culinary/foraging opportunities. Join us on this podcast to learn about two of the world’s most intriguing, beautiful and noble fish.

  • Do Your Fly Rod, Flies and Techniques Travel Well?

    Whether to a faraway famous location or a new stream in a nearby watershed, traveling is a common theme in fly fishing. During this podcast, Tim Cammisa of “Trout and Feather” shares some methods that have helped him be successful from his home state of Pennsylvania to recent destinations including Iceland, Wyoming, and more.

  • Are You Making Mistakes Fly Fishing?

    Sara Low, a professional guide in New York, has seen just about every mistake her clients could possibly make. She'll help you with fly-fishing techniques and help you to break bad habits. Common issues include correctly approaching fish, improving fly selection, proper presentation, consistent and accurate casting, efficient hooking and landing of fish. Join us and learn how to correct those bad habits you might not even know about.

  • Fly Fishing For Mako Sharks

    Want to pit yourself against a mako shark? Conway Bowman tells us about his special techniques to attract, catch, and release mako sharks on the fly. This exciting new approach allows you to sight cast to Makos, see the take, and enjoy one of the most acrobatic and powerful fights of your life.

  • Tactical Nymphing - Euro Style - Part II

    Devin Olsen, a medal winning member of Fly Fishing Team USA, shares the modern day nymphing techniques he and Lance Eagan use to catch fish in the European style. When competing on an international basis you have to be good and have to know how to adapt. We had so many questions on Devin's first show that we going at it again. Join us to continue this great topic.

  • Silver Creek – The Legend and Its Future

    Matthew Miller is the director of science communications for The Nature Conservancy and has fished Silver Creek countless times. Silver Creek is well known for testing the skills of many an accomplished fly fisher so Matt’s tips for fishing it will be invaluable. Join us and learn about fishing this legendary fishery and what changes are taking place that may affect the future of this spring creek.

    Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

    • What was your first experience with Silver Creek?
    • What makes it special for you?
    • Can you give us a tour of Silver Creek?
    • What species do you target?
    • What's the best time of year to fish?
    • Are there trophy fish to be caught in the creek?
    • What is the best way to fish the creek?
    • What hatches are common in this water?
    • How important is it to match the hatch?
    • Are the fish there really as picky as some people describe?
    • The fishery is known for its dry fly fishing. Is nymphing also effective?
    • What is the Nature Conservancy's history with Silver Creek?
    • What does the future look like for Silver Creek?

  • Golden Mahseer

    Misty Dhillon had been guiding and traveling in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Myanmar since 1994 in search of Golden Mahseer. These fish are a highly evolved, bio-indicator fish species that swim in rivers across the rugged Himalayan foothills. Listen in and learn about this incredible fish and what it takes to bring one to the net.

  • Ira Gruber's Atlantic Salmon Flies

    Ira W. Gruber is known for the Atlantic salmon fishing techniques and 38 flies he developed over a lifetime of fishing on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick. Join us to hear from his grandson Ira D. Gruber the story of Ira's life as an angler and the stories about a few of his most famous flies.

  • Kayak Fly Fishing in Baja Mexico

    Gary Bulla is an expert on fly fishing salt water from Point Conception to the Sea of Cortez. He has landed over 130 species on the fly. Listen in to learn Gary's strategies and techniques for fly fishing from a kayak in Baja, Mexico.

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