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  • Fly Fishing the Golden Isles

    Capt David Edens, a professional fly fishing guide knows the Golden Isles , its his backyard. The Golden Isles stretch along 100 miles of Georgia's coast and are home to some incredible redfish. Imagine being poled down a low tide flat, fly fishing for red fish, with so many red fish they bump the bottom of the boat. Join us for another adventure.

  • Fall Stillwater Tactics

    Brian Chan, an expert on fly fishing stillwaters, explores the challenges and opportunities that present themselves in fishing stillwaters in the fall.

  • Mongolia - Genghis Khan’s Home Waters

    Michael Caranci is one of fly fishing's most experienced and globally respected professionals.  He manages the operations, guest services, and conservation programs for Fish Mongolia and Mongolia River Outfitters, the premier fly fishing guides and outfitters for fly fishing for taimen in Mongolia. Join us to learn what an adventure to Mongolia is all about and how you can catch the largest trout in the world – taimen as well as lenok, grayling, and pike.

    Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

    • What areas of Mongolia do you fish?
    • What's the best time of year to fish?
    • How long should you plan for your trip to Mongolia?
    • How do you get to the rivers you fish?
    • Can you describe how the rivers you fish differ?
    • What are the accommodations like on the river?
    • What weight rods do you need to bring?
    • What are the average size of the taimen you catch?
    • What fishing methods are the most productive for taimen?
    • What is an average day of fishing like?
    • What flies do you use for taimen?
    • How do taiment fight?
    • What are the chances that you will hook into a large taimen?
    • Can you fish for trout, lenok, grayling and pike on the same trip?

  • Fly Fishing The Island of Hokkaido, Japan

    Rick Wallace is a well-traveled Australian fly fisher who lived and fished the island of Hokkaido, Japan extensively for four years. Unknown to many fly fishers taimen, rainbow trout, char and salmon are all prime targets on the island of Hokkaido. Taimen can get as large as one meter! Listen in to learn more about this fishery and find out where, when and how to fish this northernmost island in Japan.

    Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

    • What fly fishing opportunities are there on the island?
    • Where is the best place to stay on Hokkaido?
    • What is the best time of year to fish on the island?
    • Is the taimen found on Hokkaido similar to those in Mongolia?
    • What is the best way to fish for taimen?
    • What flies do you use for taimen?
    • Where do you fish for rainbows and char?
    • When is the best time to fish for salmon?

    To hire local Japanese guides for fishing on Hokkaido visit Trout & King.

  • Why Did Dave Whitlock Move to Oklahoma?

    Dave moved to Oklahoma for several reasons but the lower Illinois River is one of them where he caught 17 varieties of fish in one day. You won't want to miss this interview of one of fly fishing's most notable figures.

  • Snook On A Fly

    Norm Zeigler an internationally known author and journalist literally wrote the book on snook. Norm has spent the last 18 years chasing and catching this elusive gamefish. Listen it to hear Norm share his secrets on snook.

  • A Passion for Tarpon

    Andy Mill has a passion for tarpon and has 11 tarpon tournament wins to show for it. If you want to learn how to hook up and land trophy tarpon you need to listen to this show.

  • Sightfishing the Flats of the Indian River Lagoon

    Learn from Capt. Bob Jaspers the secrets of sightfishing the flats of Indian River Lagoon, Mosquito Lagoon and the Banana River's No-Motor-Zone. This area is the premier angling destination for big redfish, spotted sea-trout, and black drum - there's nothing more exciting than sightfishing in shallow water!

  • Ira Gruber's Atlantic Salmon Flies

    Ira W. Gruber is known for the Atlantic salmon fishing techniques and 38 flies he developed over a lifetime of fishing on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick. Join us to hear from his grandson Ira D. Gruber the story of Ira's life as an angler and the stories about a few of his most famous flies.

  • Hunting Musky With A Fly

    Rick Kustich caught his first musky around 1990 and has been lured by these apex predators every since. Join us to learn Rick's secrets to getting these fish of 10,000 casts hooked up on a fly. We'll cover equipment, flies and special techniques you won't want to miss.

  • Fly Fishing Tactics & Fly Designs for Henry's Fork Toughest Trout

    Rene Harrop has fished the Henry's Fork for 56 years. His experience is unmatched on this challenging spring creek. Join us and learn about the fish, insects and fly fishing techniques for this incredible fishery.

  • Strategies & Techniques for Stillwaters

    Denny Rickards has been studying trout behavior in stillwaters for over 40 years. He's always learning new things about the aquatic life forms that trout eat and then develops strategies and techniques he can use to mimic their activity. Join us on this podcast to hear about Denny's latest new findings which will help you to catch more fish in stillwaters.

    Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

    • What is the best time of day to fish stillwaters?
    • How do you change your tactics throughout the day?
    • Will you have more success if you fish from a kick boat or float tube than from shore?
    • Are depth finders useful?
    • Do you use UV materials in your flies?
    • What are the three most important design aspect of flies?
    • What type of line do you use and what types of tips do you use?
    • What development stage of insects gets more strikes larva, pupa or adults?
    • What is the best way to fish pupa?
    • How do you determine what depth the fish are at?
    • What is the most productive depth for getting strikes?
    • If a fish follows your fly will it strike on a follow-up cast?

  • South Florida's Fishing Paradise

    Jim, the founder of Sweet Waters Adventure, has fished worldwide but finds South Florida one of his favorites. His fishing adventures from Sanibel to the tarpon capital of the world—Boca Grande—to rivers like the Manatee River and the Little Manatee in Manatee County, the Myakka River in Sarasota County, and the Peace River, which teemed with fish. Join us to talk with Jim about fishing these diverse fisheries and fishing with a colorful cast of characters like Fat Wally, Dick Clevenger, and Frank the Net.

    Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

    • What inspired you to write your book South Florida's Fishing Paradise?
    • What are some of the differences between the East and West coasts?
    • How did you get started fly fishing in Florida?
    • What was your first experience catching a fish on the fly?
    • Who was Dick Clevenger and how did he shape your fishing?
    • What was Boca Grande like back in the 70s?
    • Who was Frank the Net?
    • What makes Charolette Harbor such an interesting fishery?
    • Where should one go to fish South Flordia water without a guide?
    • Why have East Coast tarpon become so difficult to catch?
    • Where can one find the best fishing in Florida now?
    • If you were to move to Florida what would be the best place for fishing?
    • Why have Florida fisheries deteriorated?
    • What can be done to improve the fisheries in Florida?


  • Floating Alaska! Self-Guided Fishing Expeditions

    Don Crane has floated many western US and Canadian rivers but Alaska's have always been at the top his list. Short on cash? Self-guided fishing expeditions may be the way to go. Listen in to hear Don tell you everything you need to know about putting together a productive, inexpensive and organized trip to Alaska.

  • Salmonfly Hatch On The Madison

    Bob Jacklin knows about the salmon fly hatch on the Madison, he's been fishing it for 37 years. Don't miss this chance to find out how and when to fish this exciting hatch. Join us on Bob's informative podcast.

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