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  • Daniel Ritz Attempts Western Native Trout Challenge

    Daniel Ritz is fly fishing across the Western United States in an attempt to accomplish the Master Caster class of the Western Native Trout Challenge. His goal is to land each of the 20 native trout species in their historical ranges of the 12 states in the West. Join us to find out how Daniel is doing with the challenge, learn about what it takes to participate and hear about a few experiences he's had along the way. Maybe you'll get inspired and want to try it yourself!

  • Pyramid Lake Cutthroats

    Denis Isbister travels the world in search of fish but Pyramid Lake is on his home turf. Join us on this show where Denis will talk about how to get the trophy Lahontan cutthroat trout on the fly, which call Pyramid Lake their home.

  • Hackle - Facts About Feathers

    Thomas Whiting, president and owner of Whiting Farms, Inc., producer of the finest fly tying feathers for the tyers of the world will share his knowlege about those wonderful feathers we use everyday. From raising chickens to the science behind genetic breeding to selecting the proper hackle to use on your flies - Tom will cover it all in great detail.

  • Fly Fishing Maine

    Bob Mallard has fly fished and guided the Maine waters for over 40 years.  Maine has the most diverse fly fishing opportunities in New England and is a popular destination for anglers seeking trout, landlocked salmon, striped bass, and a host of other game fish. Join us and explore the rivers, streams, ponds and lakes of this magnificent state.

    Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

    • How did you decide what waters to include in your book Fly Fishing Maine?
    • What fish species are available to fly fishers in Maine?
    • What are the top species fly fishers target?
    • What are the top rivers to fish in Maine?
    • What are the State Heritage Fish Waters?
    • What waters qualify for fly fishing only?
    • When is the black fly hatch most prevalent?
    • What's causing the decline of landlocked salmon?
    • Where do 90% of the native brook trout live?
    • Is Artic Char the new "bucket list" fish?
    • What fly rods and lines do you recommend?
    • What is public access like to the rivers, lakes, and ponds?
    • How are striped bass fairing in Maine?


  • Fly Fishing Tips for Trout, Bass and Panfish

    Over the many years that Skip Morris has fished and written about fly fishing he's uncovered many nuggets of information that have helped him and others to catch more fish. Whether it's trout, bass or panfish Skip has something to share that will improve your odds. Listen to this podcast and up your game!

  • The Angler as Predator

    Gary Borger explores the angler as predator. As successful fly fishers, we need to play the role of the predator, focusing closely on the fish’s ability to sense its environment. What kind of predator are you? Join us and find out...

  • Southern Appalachia Trout Fishing

    The Great Smoky Mountains, Catalouchee Creek, Hazel Creek, Abrams Creek and down to the tailwaters of the Nantahalla River Ian Rutter has fished it all. Listen to Ian share his secrets and life long love for this beautiful fly fising haven.

  • Fly Fishing Central Wyoming

    Blake Jackson, a professional guide from Casper,  Wyoming, specializes in guiding his clients to Wyoming’s great fisheries, like the Miracle Mile, Grey Reef, Fremont Canyon, and local lakes. Whether it's trophy trout or spooky carp Blake knows where to go and how to get hooked up. Join us to learn about these incredible fisheries and how to fish them.

    Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

    • What are the four major sections of the North Platte River?
    • Is the area around Saratoga worth fishing?
    • How did the Miracle Mile get its name?
    • What spawn occurs on the Miracle Mile that brings up the big fish?
    • What flies work best on the Miracle Mile?
    • What section is fished most often in Fremont Canyon?
    • What epic dry fly hatch is Fremont Canyon known for?
    • What sections of Grey Reef are the most productive?
    • What flies work best on Grey Reef and why?
    • What strategies do you use to fish Grey Reef?
    • What is the most common mistake most fly fishers make when fishing Grey Reef?
    • Why has carp fishing in Wyoming exploded?
    • Where is the best place to fish for carp in Wyoming?

  • Common Sense Fly Fishing

    Eric Sroup is a professional guide and he's determined to make his fly fishing clients successful on every trip. Listen in as Eric shares the same information he shares with his clients everyday on how to catch more trout - practical common sense techniques.

  • Salmonfly Hatch On The Madison

    Bob Jacklin knows about the salmon fly hatch on the Madison, he's been fishing it for 37 years. Don't miss this chance to find out how and when to fish this exciting hatch. Join us on Bob's informative podcast.

  • Reading Waters

    Gary Borger explains the characteristics of moving water examining the three types of lies and how to identify and fish them from small streams to massive rivers. He also takes the mystery out of reading lakes and ocean flats.

  • Muskie on the Fly

    Muskie on the fly? You've got to be kidding! Robert Tomes isn't kidding at all in fact you'll learn exactly how to hook up with one of these aggressive predators on the show.
    Robert demystifies the Muskie and will tell you why fly fishing for Muskie might be an even better option than throwing big plugs at them.

  • Fishing Streamers For Trophy Trout

    Kelly Galloup knows how to catch trophy trout, especially with streamers, but not in the way you might think. You'll have to listen to our podcast to find out his techniques and strategies. Kelly has written two books and has been published in nearly every major fly fishing periodical in the country. Kelly was also one of the hosts of Fly Fish TV on the Outdoor Life network.

  • The Greats Of Adirondack Fly Fishing

    Rob Streeter has a great love of fly fishing and its history. He has collected and assembled the life stories of some of the great fly fishers that fished the Adirondack mountains, including Ray Bergman, Lee Wulff, Perry Ehlers, and others. Join us and learn about the history of fly fishing in the Adirondacks and the people who fished its esteemed waters.

    Just a few of the questions asked and answered during the interview:

    • What do you know about the early days of fly fishing in the Adirondacks?
    • Who were the first fly fishers that were written about?
    • What are your three go to flies of the Adirondacks?
    • What streamers work best?
    • Are the places to trout spey in the Adirondacks?
    • Were these fly fishing greats concerned about conservation?
    • Who was William Scripture Jr.?
    • What contributions did Ray Bergman make to fly fishing?
    • How did Lee Wulff combine his love flying with the fly fishing?
    • What fly patterns was Lee Wulff famous for?
    • Who was the creator of the Ausable Wulff fly?
    • What challenges did Francis Betters overcome to continue fly fishing?
    • Who was the most interesting person you wrote about?

  • Fly Fishing Trout Lakes Part II: A Biologist's Point Of View

    Brian Chan is back for Part II of Fly Fishing Trout Lakes. We had so many questions for his intial show that we had to schedule a special extended edition to get through the questions. If you thought the first show was great wait until you see what we have in store for you in this one.

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