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Rich  Strolis

Rich Strolis

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Rich Strolis, passionate about all things fly fishing pretty much sums it up. Always striving for something fresh and outside the box, running the gamut of simple to complex patterns merging natural and synthetic materials together. Known mostly known for his years guiding the Farmington river, he now spends his time at the vise tying orders or publishing videos to his catalog of tying tutorials. Rich is a pure subsurface fanatic who loves to chase trophy trout with larger streamers and nymphs, and if you visit his website you will see this clearly.

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Streamer Strategies
Rich Strolis a professional guide who's spent many years on the Farmington and Housatonic rivers shares his secrets about fly fishing with streamers. Rich had developed streamer tactics that many consider unconventional but they work! Listen in to hear him talk about what he's learned.

A Pac Fly designer, custom commercial tier and character to say the least, Rich has been fishing for over 30 years, with 25 years of tying experience. Rich believes that a great deal of his experience and success is a direct biproduct from his time spent on the water on various rivers and streams across the lower 48 and Alaska. Prior to kids and family he spent 200 plus days a year on the water before and after work, yes that is correct, he has a full time career on top of all this too,(can you say a Type A to the core). Rich is often known to operate on very little sleep, and will sometimes drop everything as the result of a fly idea that is circling through his head.

Rich recently gave guiding a backseat to spend more time with his two little girls Tessa and Nora, and very understanding and supportive wife Megan. Very open and approachable, Rich loves sharing his efforts with anyone, and he enjoys tying flies almost as much as fishing them. Some of his creations have appeared in the pages of Flyfisherman magazine (Bird Fur Streamer February 2008), Eastern Fly Fishing magazine(Classified Caddis Pupa March 2011, Ice Pick Streamer Winter 2012), Flyfishing and Tying Journal, Orvis Flyfishing Blog, Global Flyfisher, Hatches Online, and books by noted aquatic insect photographer, Thomas Ames, and he is also a member of the Regal Vise Pro Staff, Hatch Reels Pro Staff, Clear Cure Goo Pro Staff, and Performance Flies Pro Staff. When not filling orders or being creative, he teaches classes on fly tying for various degrees of difficulty as well as runs clinics on various techniques to improve angerls techniques through various fly shops and clubs across the northeast. For more about Rich, visit his website at

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