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Pat Dorsey

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Pat Dorsey, an Orvis-Endorsed Guide, has chosen fly-fishing as a way of life. Pat's enthusiasm for fly-fishing is unmatched and his ability to share knowledge is what makes Pat so unique. From the complexities of fooling large trout on tiny nymphs to dry fly fishing under the most challenging of conditions; Pat loves to instruct and introduce anglers to the heart of fly-fishing. "Fly-Fishing is a problem solving exercise, the more you know about the fish, their environment, and the specific techniques required to catch them, the better angler you will become. There is absolutely no luck involved in fly-fishing, it's a set of learned skills and your ability to execute them that makes you a great angler."

Listen to Pat Dorsey's Shows...

Fly Fishing Colorado's South Platte River
Pat Dorsey has guided on the South Platte for more than eleven years. He spends at least 200 days per year on the stream so he knows the water intimately. Join us to learn everything you need to know about fly fishing one of the most challenging trout streams in the United States.
Fly Fishing Tailwaters
Pat Dorsey shares his tips and tactics for fishing tailwaters. Don't miss this show he'll cover nymphing, dry-fly and streamer fishing for those difficult, hard to catch lunkers.

Pat hooked and landed his first brown trout with his father, Jim Dorsey, on the East River near Gunnison over thirty years ago. Pat's family made annual pilgrimages to the "Gunnison Country" fishing on the Taylor, East and Gunnison Rivers. Family vacations revolved around trout, the driving passion behind the Dorsey family starting back with Pat's Grandfather, John T. Dorsey who is currently 92 years old.

Pat is a native of Colorado and has been guiding for over ten years. Pat spends at least 200 days a year on the stream, both personally and professionally enjoying a unique quality of life. "I'm blessed to make my living as a fly-fishing guide. I'll never loose sight of how fortunate I am to really love my job." Pat is also the Guide Director and a partner in the Blue Quill Angler, Inc. in Evergreen, Colorado. Pat oversees 30 plus guides and sets the standards for integrity and professionalism for the Blue Quill guiding operation. Pat also produces an expert Fishing Report keeping anglers alike informed on up-to-date fishing conditions.

Pat Dorsey is not only a consummate angler, he is a master fly-tyer as well. Pat's uncle, Jim Cantrall, started tying flies with him when he was 10 years old. The fly tying addiction was like a fire out of control. Even as a youngster, Pat tied flies everyday. Pat has been commercially tying flies for over 15 years producing up to 28,000 flies a year. Pat's Fly Of The Month Club has attracted anglers world-wide, supplying helpful insight to effective flies and most importantly how to fish them.

Another interest of Pat's is photography. Pat does several slide presentations and lectures to fishing clubs throughout the central Rocky Mountain region. Pat is among one of the elite, a Celebrity Speaker for the International Sportsman's Exposition, which makes seven stops in major "western" cities like Denver, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix and Salt Lake City. Pat is very active in Trout Unlimited and the conservation of cold-water fisheries.

Pat has won the annual Master Fly Tournament in Cheesman Canyon five out of eight years. This two-fly competition involves 24 of Colorado's best anglers with the primary intention to raise money to enhance the South Platte River drainage.

Pat is a proud father of three beautiful boys, Forrest 13, Zachary 9, and Hunter 7. They too, like their dad, also enjoy fly-fishing. Pat and his three sons reside in Parker, Colorado.

For more information on Pat's fly shop and guide services visit his web site Blue Quill Angler.

Click Here to order Pat's book, "A Fly Fishers Guide to the South Platte River."

Click Here to order Pat's book, "Fly Fishing Tailwaters"

Click Here to order Pat's DVD, "Nymphing Stratgies"

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