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National Fly Fishing Championship

Jack DennisThe top fly fishing competitors in the country will descend on Boulder, Colorado this summer for three days of intense competition as the annual National Fly Fishing Championship hits five locations throughout the state. Colorado Trout Unlimited (CTU), a nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving, protecting and restoring Colorado’s coldwater fisheries are sponsoring the event

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National Fly Fishing Championship Medals"This event will impact Colorado in so many ways and we are proud to present the event in our home state,” said David Nickum, executive director of Colorado Trout Unlimited. “The championship not only advances the sport of fly fishing, but serves to enhance our fisheries, draw attention to environmental issues and build support for conservation."

The National Fly Fishing Championship will feature 65 to 70 contestants from two international teams, two Colorado teams and nine teams composed of regional champions and current Team USA members. Of the U.S. competitors, 15 will be selected as members of Fly Fishing Team USA to represent the country this August at an international Olympic-style event in Portugal. All events are open to the public and are scheduled for the following locations:Fly Fishing Competitor

  • Lower South Platte River: Waterton Canyon
  • Upper South Platte River: Near Deckers
  • Clear Lake: Near Georgetown
  • Big Thompson: Near Estes Park
  • Lily Lake: Rocky Mountain National Park

The championship begins with registration on Tuesday, May 30, and two days of pre-competition events such as clinics, youth activities and VIP fishing with the champions. Following three days of competition, the event concludes on Sunday, June 4, with a banquet and awards ceremony. For more information about the National Fly Fishing Championship and Conservation Symposium, visit

Interviews from the Championship

David Nickum

David Nickum, Executive Director for Colorado Trout Unlimited, talks about the role Trout Unlimited plays in conjuction with the National Fly Fishing Championship and the future of the national championship.

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Length: 8:33

Randy Ridenger

Randy Ridenger, Competition Coordinator, talks about the volunteers that make the championship work and how you can partipate in next year's championship.

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Length: 11:04

Bob Bush

Bob Bush, steering commitee member, talks about how the venues and beats were selected and how the competitors were matched up to the beats.

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Length: 25:07

Steve Perkins

Steve Perkins, Chairman of the Army Angling Federation of England, talks about why they are here and his perspective on the competition.

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Length: 9:02

Bill Terrill

Bill Terrill, a controller in Waterton Canyon on Beat 3, describes his duties and responsibilites.

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Length: 3:03

Amity Daniel

Amity Daniel, fly fisher and wife of George Daniel of Team USA, gives her comments on the event.

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Length: 2:04

Dr. Leslie Wrixon

Leslie Wrixon, the official fly tier for Team USA, discusses how she acquired her position and the challenges she faces ahead.

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Length: 9:34

Doug Palmer

Doug Palmer, steering committee member and controller, talks about fishing with the competitors and the action on Lily Lake.

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Length: 5:06

Anthony Naranja

Anthony Naranja, an Assistant Coach for Team USA, speaks from a competitors point of view and tells you why he participates and what drives him to come back every year.

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Length: 9:18

Two days into the event Anthony returns to tell us about the challenges he's faced on the water.

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Length: 11:41

Neil Sullivan

Neil Sullivan, a volunteer controller, interviewed while he was monitoring John Nishi (see interview to the right).

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Length: 9:34

John Nishi

John Nishi, a member of the Canadian Fly Fishing Team, talks about his fishing experiences during the competition.

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Length: 12:21

Michael "Mikey" Wier

Mikey Wier, a member of Scientific Anglers' pro staff, talks about his experiences during the three days of fishing.

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Length: 11:15

Josh Stephens

Josh Stephens, a guide from Wit's End Guest Ranch in Durango, shares his experiences and what he's learned during the competition.

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Length: 20:08


Jack Dennis

Recap of the Championship

Jack Dennis, recaps the championship and highlights some of the new team members.

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Length: 16:30


2006 - US National Fly Fishing Championship Results

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