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Federation of Fly Fishers Conclave

Federation of Fly FishersThe 2006 Conclave of the Federation of Fly Fishers was held July 27-29 in Bozeman, Montana. Over 100 educational opportunities were presented including classroom presentations, on-stream sessions, and dryland casting instruction. Candidates for certification as Casting Instructor or Master Instructor were evaluated.

The Exhibition Hall featured fly tyers demonstrating everything from deerhair poppers to #32 woven body Tricos, vendors displaying their latest wares, and several booths representing conservation concerns.

The festival atmosphere included a bar-b-cue, the President's Dinner, and fund raiser auctions. Special programs supported by FFF were highlighted.

Despite the heat (high 90s+). everyone agreed it was a terrific occasion to meet old and new friends, learn more about the wonderful sport of fly fishing, and sample Bozeman and the many nearby fishing waters.

Special live on-the-spot interviews were recorded at the main Conclave venue. Hear what is being accomplished by Project Healing Waters and Family Tyes. Find out how an active club like the Boise Valley Fly Fishers supports FFF. Hear Federation President Peter Van Gytenbeek's summary of the Conclave events.

Pete "Van" Gytenbeek talks about the 2006 Conclave:

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More interviews below...

Interviews from the Conclave

Eivind Forseth

Eivind Forseth, Project Coordinator for Project Healing Waters and a veteran of the Iraq war, talks about how Project Healing Waters helped him recover from his physcial an mental wounds and how he's giving back to the organization now.

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Length: 9:03

John Colburn

John Colburn, volunteer fly tying instructor for Project Healing Waters, talks about the organization and the benefits to the participants that become involved in the program.

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Length: 10:46

Paul Hindes

Paul Hindes, coordinator for Family Tyes, talks about how their program for youth development and building stronger families through fly fishing.

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Length: 6:26

Doug Taylor

Doug Taylor, President of the Boise Valley Fly Fishers, talks about their success in fundraising and the many environmental and river projects they have in the works.

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Length: 5:01


Del Kauss

Fly Line Care and Maintenance

Del Kauss, of new product development at Scientific Anglers, provides his expert advice on how to care for your fly lines during the season and for long term storage.

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Length: 11:52


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